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Choose Your Own Alien Invasion Squad

Strange obelisks have appeared across planet Earth. They’re impenetrable, except for a small hole that opens in the bottom every 18 hours. No one has dared enter yet, and the best guesses at what might be inside are purely speculative. Some say they’re hostile. Others think they come bearing gifts of language and perception. There’s only one way to find out.

President Jed Bartlet has asked YOU, of all people, to pick the best squad of fictional characters to lead the U.S. response. You are given permission to pick one of each of the following specialists:

  • A scientist

  • A linguist

  • A military strategist or weapons expert

  • A lawyer

  • A bystander who got accidentally swept up into the mix

The President gives you discretion to add two additional members to your team, of any discipline or specialty, so long as you can justify it to the American taxpayers.

Who do you choose? [[This is not just a rhetorical question. Tweet at us and let us know what your team would look like!]]

The Rough Cut crew couldn’t help but conduct an elaborate draft to figure out this very question. Check out the final rosters, then vote for the team you think would be the most successful here. Happy aliening!


Carson's team:

20th Century Fox

Sara's team:

20th Century Fox

Jonny's team:

20th Century Fox

Zach's team:


Ben's team:

20th Century Fox


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